The 'hand of God'

diego maradona hand of god

Diego Maradona is one of possibly the two greatest soccer players ever (Pelé being the other). Though Pelé may have been a rival, the two played separate positions, and Maradona remains the greatest midfielder of all time according to football experts. Diego Maradona was the central figure of the 1986 World Cup challenge; the short, stocky midfielder scored two goals against the English. The first was cause for great debate, as he had hit the ball with his hand, an illegal move. Maradona had shrugged it off, saying, "from the hand of God to the head of Maradona." He apologized four years later on Italian television as reported in the Chicago Tribune, "It was my hand, not His. I don't want anyone to think God robbed someone, rather it was Maradona who did the robbing."

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