Season of Anomy

season of anomy wole soyinka

In terms of theme, Wole Soyinka’s novel, Season of Anomy to date, is one of Africa's most insightful literary works. Its concern with problematizing war, ethno-regional politics, and venal military cabals could hardly be more pertinent to the convulsive country that it addresses. The novel is a definitive reading of the militarized state in Africa. In spite of its visionary optic, the work is impaled on the horns of a very contemporary African dilemma, namely: what are the elements of a political program for social reconstruction in the context of a suffocating predatory state? The problem is evident in the text's tension with respect to violence versus non-violence on the one hand, and mass-line activism versus individual heroism on the other.

image credit: John Kehoe Bookseller