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The Afro Masks Stories
54 Kingdoms Re-installation collection Egun 3D ancestor mask
Framed African Mask by 54 Kingdoms

The Story

Re-Installation is the first collection release of decor pieces under our “We Are Home” theme; an introduction of unique in-home decor accessories and art inspired by culture, design and technology. African Masks are greatly appreciated for their artistic value. They adorn the walls of some of the most recognized museums and galleries across the globe. However, beyond face value and their surface beauty, these peculiar “artifacts” possess a deeper significance. Thus, understanding their history is an essential part of appreciating their cultural, symbolic, and aesthetic value. In the African context, masks serve an important role in rituals or ceremonies with varied purposes like ensuring a good harvest, addressing tribal needs in time of peace or war, or conveying spiritual presences in initiation rituals or burial ceremonies; ideas that aren’t seen in a museum collection or when sold as a collector’s item at the auctionRe-Installation aims to recontextualize and reclaim African Masks by acknowledging their importance in our homes versus museums, where they are usually installed and exhibited as exotic faces and objects. The collection highlights three different style masks in line with their own subject matter. The first product to launch from the collection is: [Egun] male pays tribute to our departed ancestors, who sacrificed to pave the way for their generation and beyond. In contrast, Egun also pays homage to one’s own ancestor, whether related by blood or by religious lineage. Ancestors are the link between what is seen and not seen on the earth plane; you can talk to them and ask for their help and guidance when you need it. Because they were once alive as humans, they have a good understanding of our needs, desires, and wants even from the other side. The Egun mask is inspired by the concept of death in Yoruba (Nigeria, West Africa) tradition and key facial features seen in Chihongo – a male ancestor found among the Chokwe people of Angola (Central Africa) and believed to be responsible for the prosperity and strength of the community.

54 Kingdoms 3D Ancestor Mask Egun Blue
54 Kingdoms 3D Ancestor Mask Egun Black
54 Kingdoms 3D Ancestor Mask Egun Orange
54 Kingdoms 3D Ancestor Masks Egun