Coptic Soles

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"Step with Kulture"
Coptic Soles - Mens Colorful Socks with a storyline
Coptic Soles - Mens Colorful Socks with a storyline

The Story

Coptic Soles is our first line of colorful knitted socks inspired by the history of knitting and the discovery of the earliest knitted socks in Egypt (North Africa). The history of knitting is mostly a big mystery, guessed at from fragments kept in museums around the world. Among many other theories, there is a belief that knitting may be connected to the ancient skill of knotting fishing nets. But, before the development of knitting, a craft called nalbinding was used to make stretchy fabrics. Termed ‘one needle’ knitting by some museums, it is similar to knitting in structure but stronger, less stretchy, and a lot more difficult to create. However, the earliest discovery and first genuine knitted pieces including colorful garments and intricate socks known as 'Coptic socks' are from Egypt, circa 1000-1400 AD. The story fueled our passion to develop design concepts for Coptic Soles. Paying homage to the ‘Coptic socks’ story, the designs take inspiration from the geometry, shapes, and colors within exclusive African textiles, wax prints, patterns and motifs—knitted from quality Egyptian combed cotton. The first set of Coptic Soles were produced for men and released in Fall 2016.

Coptic Soles - Mens Colorful Sock - Caribbean Design