Coptic Soles - Dapper

Dapper Set - 54 Kingdoms Coptic Soles
Afrikana Patterned Socks - Coptic Soles Dapper Set
Ubuhlalu Patterned Socks - Coptic Soles Dapper Set
Kente Patterned Socks - Coptic Soles Dapper Set

Coptic Soles - Dapper

Made from quality Egyptian combed cotton blended with elastane and polyamide fibers for its luxurious feel, strength, stretch and breathability, step out in confidence in one of the world’s most colorful knitted socks, Coptic Soles. These beautiful socks are constructed to the highest standard with heels, toes, seams and patterns all knitted into the socks. Each sock is a vibrant secret weapon you can keep hidden under your tailored suit, jeans, and pant cuff.

Available with this pack are three styles; Ubuhlalu, Afrikana and Kente. This option doesn't include our custom packaging.

Fits sizes 8-12(US) // 41-46(EU)